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Brian Robinson

Gimuy/Cairns, Qld

Keriba Lagaw Buiya, or 'The Coming of the Light', is a significant day in the lives of all Torres Strait Islanders. It commemorates the day when Christianity was brought to the islands by the London Missionary Society on 1 July 1871. While Lighten the darkness conjures up tales from an Ion Idriess novel, it is in fact an historical account of Western religion spreading across the region while suppressing rituals, ceremonies and magical totemic objects.

About the Artist

Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson is of the Kala Lagaw Ya language group of the Torres Strait and Wuthathi people of Cape York. He was born and grew up on Waiben (Thursday Island), gaining valuable knowledge and appreciation of Torres Strait Islander culture as part of his everyday life.

Brian�s art reflects the tropical marine environment surrounding Waiben and the myths, legends, design motifs and natural carving ability of Torres Strait Islanders. His printmaking, sculpture and public art are imbued with the customs, traditions and lifestyles of the Torres Strait, and combine customary mark-making with historical narrative, personal history and humour.

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