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Dylan Sarra

Meanjin / Brisbane, Qld

The artwork 1972 is an interrogation of cultural heritage protection law both past and present. It presents the viewer with insight into ancient petroglyph carvings from Taribelang Country. In 1972, the largest petroglyph gallery known in its time was excavated into 92 stone blocks under the direction of the Queensland Government. Like scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the blocks were spread among various locations and no consultation with the Traditional Owners ever took place.

About the Artist

Dylan Sarra

Based in Meanjin / Brisbane, Dylan Sarra is from the Taribelang Saltwater people of the Bundaberg region and the Gooreng Gooreng to the north.

Dylan works across print, digital media and sculpture to create works that explore identity and place, and gently humanise the Indigenous experience prior to colonisation. He is involved in research and development of cultural knowledge and practice that can be shared with the wider community from where these stories originate. Through his work he aims to engage people�s interest in Indigenous culture, and also to encourage questioning of the real history of colonisation and the impact it has had to this day.

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