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Graham Rostron

Jabiru, NT

"My dad told me about this Ngalyod painting. My grandfather did the Ngalyod painting on the rock escarpment at Korlorbirrahda outstation. That painting is really big one on the rock in the cave there. The figure represents the old peoples' spirit that carried the Ngalyod. We used to get delek (white clay) from that area for ceremony, dancing, painting, for anything. That Ngalyod, it's staying in that place there, forever."

About the Artist

Graham Rostron

Graham Rostron is a cultural teacher, artist, dancer, musician and song man from West Arnhem Land. His art practice is influenced by his ancestor�s paintings in the rock art shelters around the Korlorbirrahda outstation where he grew up.

�My father died when I was just crawling. I did not know him. Then we were living at Madjinbardi. Then we went to Maningrida to be with family, following my mother.

My second dad brought me up at his outstation at Korlorbirrahda. His name is Tom Noytuna � you may have seen a photograph of him on an orange phone with lots of ceremonial paint on his face. Korlorbirrahda is a long way out into the Great Arnhem Plateau. He was keeping me when I was little, and he showed me hunting and painting and explained to me everything. He gave me confidence.�

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