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Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu

Yirrkala, NT

"This is my homeland, Buymarr. My home by the sea and the rock mountain named ?alandarra. Buymarr and the beach that stretches to the sacred river called Gutatjpirr are of the Yirritja moiety. When we look out over the saltwater we can see the sacred white Yirritja rock called Dhukururru. My m�ri (mother's mother) is of the Yirritja moiety, the Wangurri clan, and is the landowner of Buymarr. Our family are the caretakers. Waa marrkap'mirri."

About the Artist

Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu

Guti?arra Yunupi?u is a young emerging artist and filmmaker from Northeast Arnhem Land. Following completion of his Year 12 studies, he began working at The Mulka Project, a digital media centre and archive dedicated to sustaining and protecting Yol?u cultural knowledge.

In 2017 Guti?arra produced a film for NITV entitled Guti?arra Dj�lkiri, which focused on Yol?u sign language, his first language. In that same year he also produced a collaborative video piece entitled Yuta Mulkurr for Tarnanthi at the Art Gallery of South Australia, and, in 2018, his film Maykarran was a finalist in the Digital Portraiture Awards. In 2019, Guti?arra was awarded the Telstra Multimedia Award at the Telstra NATSIAA for his work Gurru?u mi� mala (My Connections) in which he revealed his position in the Yol?u kinship system through barrku?u wa?a (language from a distance), Yol?u sign language.

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