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Leah Umbagai

Mowanjum, WA

"As a Woddordda saltwater woman, I tell our stories and culture through art. The spirits show you things through dreams. I paint what I dream. If it's not connected to who you are the work means nothing.

This work represents the ocean fish in the area around Raft Point on the north-west coast of the Kimberley in Western Australia. The fish represent Dreaming, connection and creation."

About the Artist

Leah Umbagai

Leah Umbagai is a Worrora woman and was born in 1974 at Derby, Western Australia.

Leah says her passion for art comes mainly from the time spent with her grandfather, who took her to the cave sites, and the incredible spiritual experiences she had while exploring with him.

�He taught me about the land, water, rocks, teaching me what I needed to learn about our culture. We walked seven hours a day looking at the caves. When you are there, the spirit speaks to you. It is glad you are around. Some places can be interpreted and in others I wonder what they are saying. This is why I paint.�

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