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Louise Robertson

Alice Springs, NT

"This sculpture has my own story all over it. It is all about me and my family and what keeps my mind relaxed. If you look you can see music and things for having a picnic out bush. These are the things that make me happy. The landscape doesn't really look this bright and colourful but when I see it in my mind for sewing, this is how I see it. So bright and lovely."

About the Artist

Louise Robertson

Born in 1984, Louise Robertson grew up in Yuendumu with her grandmother. She loved living there and going on bush trips with her grandma, hearing stories about Country and collecting bush tucker. When Louise was about eight years old, she moved to Alice Springs to live with her mother. She still lives in Alice Springs to this day, now with her husband and four children.

Louise�s practice began when she came into the art room one day to see what her mother-in-law, Dulcie Sharpe, and all the other ladies were doing. She decided she wanted to join in because it looked like fun. She liked the way everyone was sharing and helping each other, not only in their sewing but in their lives too. So, Louise started coming every day and was encouraged during these nervous first steps of practice.

Louise�s soft sculptures share stories about people, animals, Country, and how she feels inside. Her works also present the important opportunity to share her message:

�Aboriginal people can be seen by other people to have good thoughts and good culture. So, people can see that Aboriginal people are really strong and clever. And so, my kids can be proud of me.�

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