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Moyurrurra Wunuŋmurra

G�?g�?, NT

This painting shows the sacred waters of Gulutji at G�?g�n, from where the Yirritja moiety originated. The river flows to the tidal area Baraltja at the base of the painting.

About the Artist

Moyurrurra Wunuŋmurra

Moyurrurra Wunu?murra is a Dha?wa?u artist from G�ng�n, near Yirrkala, and is part of a renowned artistic family. She is the daughter of prominent leader and artist Ya?garriny Wunu?murra (1931�2003), and a younger sister of artists Nawurapu Wunu?murra (1952�2018) and Djirrirra Wunu?murra.

Moyurrurra�s father was one of the senior Yirritja moiety Elders and the first Aboriginal artist to have his copyright recognised in an Australian court. He was one of the first to return to the Dhalwa?u clan sacred Country of G�ng�n and establish the infrastructure of a community there as part of the Homeland Movement.

Moyurrurra, alongside her older sister Djirrirra, received training from their father, Ya?garriny, on how to paint. Their father broke from the patriarchal Yol?u tradition by teaching his daughters how to paint as well as his sons. He did this to ensure the continuation of the Law and to recognise the distinction between sacred paintings and art produced for the market.

Following her father�s instruction, she has recently started painting Dhalwa?u clan miny'tji on larrakitj and bark. She paints high-quality classical Dhalwa?u miny'tji that reflects the values instilled by her father.

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