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Philomena Yeatman

Yarrabah, Qld

Generational weaving knowledge is the foundation for Woven Knowledge, as can be seen represented by the markings at the base of the ceramic basket. These markings were imprinted with lawyer cane.

"Whenever we collect the lawyer cane we collect the pandanus at the same time; they both are essentials for weaving basket."

About the Artist

Philomena Yeatman

Philomena Yeatman is a Gunggandji woman, born in Gimuy/Cairns in 1960 and raised in the Yarrabah Community. Philomena�s mother's side is Gunggandji and her father�s side is Kuku Yalanji.

Philomena began her career in the arts in 1991, first experimenting with print and jewellery making and then shortly after embracing weaving, ceramics and painting.

Today, Philomena is a renowned weaver having learnt weaving practices from her grandmother. She was taught how to make baskets and mats using pandanus, cabbage palm and natural dyes found in Country. Philomena is passionate about maintaining this intergenerational knowledge. Her vibrant weaving is inspired by forms that have been used to carry food collected from the sea and rainforests for generations.

Philomena�s work has been exhibited across the country and has been commissioned for public art pieces. She was a finalist in the 2013 Telstra NATSIAA and, in 2022, is a finalist for the second time.

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