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Ray Mudjandi

Djirrbiyak, NT

"Virus Man is a bad guy, a villain; he wants to try and destroy the world by making everyone sick. He goes up people's noses ... When the virus goes inside, it kills. When virus goes in the body, it spreads through whole body, it knocks him down, dead ... The virus man, he destroys a lot of people around the world. It happened in 2020, when it spread like that."

About the Artist

Ray Mudjandi

Ray Mudjandi, from Mirarr and Western Arrernte clans, is an artist living in Djibiorrk in Kakadu National Park. Ray was born in Garramilla/Darwin and grew up between Djibiorrk and Katherine.

As a young child he experienced and overcame several serious health conditions, experiences that have influenced his creative practice. The young Ray was very imaginative and spent much of his time drawing. He enjoyed video games, Marvel comics, and watching cartoons and superhero movies, but also loved watching family members and senior artists painting. While in Katherine, Ray spent a lot of time with Western Arnhem Land artist John Lemibanda.

As a teenager, Ray was mentored by Western Arnhem and Kakadu National Park senior cultural artists Graham Rostron and Abel Naborlhborlh. He also began working with artist Damien Kamholtz. Their collaborations informed Ray�s first exhibition, a solo show at Outstation Gallery when he was 16 years old. The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory acquired the entire exhibition for its Aboriginal Art and Material Culture collection.

Ray, now 22, works through Marrawuddi Art & Culture in Jabiru. He is constantly creating superhero characters with intricate narratives, often in response to his surroundings and issues that affect him and his community.

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