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Voight Ratara

Ntaria (Hermannsburg), NT

Voight Ratara is a Western Aranda artist based in Ntaria (Hermannsburg) who joined the Hermannsburg Potters in 2021. In his first year of working with clay and underglazes Ratara has quickly become an exciting emerging artist, dedicated to learning the ceramic medium. Ratara paints with expressive bold colours and contrasting line work, telling stories of his Country and culture.

About the Artist

Voight Ratara

Voight Ratara is a Western Aranda artist living in Ntaria (Hermannsburg), based in the remote foothills of the MacDonnell Ranges, 130 kilometres west of Mparntwe / Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Voight is an exciting emerging artist, joining the Hermannsburg Potters in 2021 as part of the Men's Development Program. Since joining the program, Voight has been dedicated to learning and developing his practice with the ceramic medium, coming to the art centre to work on his pots almost every day.

His works reflect Country, culture and everyday life in Ntaria. In 2021, Voight�s work was included in the exhibition Artwa Urrknga Mpaaritjaarta � Men Making Claywork, which was the first ever exhibition of Hermannsburg Potters� works created exclusively by Western Aranda men.

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