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Yukultji Napangati

Kiwirrkurra, WA

This painting depicts designs associated with the rock hole site of Marrapinti, west of the Pollock Hills in Western Australia. The lines in this painting depict the sandhills surrounding this site. During Ancestral times, a group of women of the Nangala and Napangati kinship subsections stopped at this site to make ceremonial nose bones, also known as marrapinti, which are worn through a hole in the web of the nose.

About the Artist

Yukultji Napangati

Yukultji Napangati came to Kiwirrkura in 1984. Prior to this she had been living with her family in an area of Country to the west of Lake Mackay. It was estimated that at the time her family came in to Kiwirrkura she was 14 years old. Yukultji later married artist Charlie Ward Tjakamarra (c. 1932 � 2005) and began painting with Papunya Tula Artists along with a group of other Kiwirrkura women.

Today, Yukultji is one of Papunya Tula Artists� most high profile, prolific and influential painters. Her works have been exhibited and celebrated all over the world and are in the collections of the Art Gallery of NSW, National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria and the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA, the Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, USA, and in many significant private collections. She won the Alice Prize in 2012, and was highly commended in the Wynne Prize in 2011 and 2013, before winning the Prize in 2018. Yukultji has been selected as a finalist in the Telstra NATSIAA at least six times since 2006.

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