Aboriginal Heritage

Support the Aboriginal Heritage Team to preserve and protect important cultural knowledge for future generations

Elders and senior cultural authorities are the keepers of ceremonies, traditions, songs and languages. It is urgent that we record this now for future generations.

A gift to MAGNT will assist the Aboriginal Heritage Team to undertake important work that enriches our Aboriginal Heritage collections making a difference now and into the future.

The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) is a non-profit organisation

MAGNT brings you vibrant exhibits that tell meaningful local stories at all six sites across the Northern Territory. We work hard to ensure your visit is special by curating from our unique collections spanning art, Aboriginal heritage, natural science and Territory history.

Donations of any size are gratefully received. Donations to MAGNT are fully tax-deductible. Finalise your donation with MAGNT by midnight, June 30 to claim a tax deduction for this financial year.


Contact our Development Team on 08 8999 8207 or for more information to make a donation.