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Learn more about World War II heritage sites across Darwin without even leaving your living room!


Explore the Northern Territory's unique and diverse wildlife at home or in the great outdoors.


With the FrogID app you can discover which frogs live around you and help us count Australia's frogs!

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Test your skills with a wordsearch challenge created by MAGNT's own paleontologist Dr Adam Yates


"Visit" MAGNT's exhibitions through the beautiful accompanying publications.


MAGNT has partnered with the Atlas of Living Australia so that you can access our natural history collections online.

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Explore a virtual exhibit of highlights from the Natural Sciences Collection

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Discover and identify wildlife in your own neigbourhood using data from MAGNT and other scientific institutions


Join one of many virtual expeditions to digitise scientific collections, and identify and tag images of animals

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A walk through NATSIAA history, featuring works aquired by MAGNT throughout the history of the Awards.

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Contribute to biodiversity science by sharing your own wildlife observations and photos to iNaturalist

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