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natsiaa 2016: how to enter


Entries for the 2016 Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award are have now closed.


Once you download the entry forms and registration information and fill it in, you will also need to provide a photograph of your work. There are a few other documents you need to provide to us, these include the story of the artwork in both a long version (up to 300 words) and a shorter version (up to 70 words), an artists biography, a resume, a photograph of the artist and hanging/display instructions.

You can either email these to us or put them on a USB stick, CD and mail them to us. Once they arrive at MAGNT they will be prepared for judging and then presented to the three Telstra NATSIAA judges for selection in the exhibition.

Once the judges have made their selection, MAGNT will contact every artist who entered to let them know if they were or were not selected as a finalist. If you are selected by the judges as a finalist then our Exhibition Coordinator will send you information regarding sending your artwork to the MAGNT. If you are not successful in being a finalist then you are able to enter your artwork in other awards or show it in other exhibitions.


Got further questions? Check out our frequently asked questions page.


For more information please contact MAGNT on 08 8999 8287 or

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