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exit art

Contemporary art from year 12 students in the Northern Territory

Yamada_Ann-Louise 1.jpg
19 February
– 19 June  2016
flinders gallery

Exit Art is the annual exhibition of selected contemporary works that demonstrate the achievements
of senior arts students, as part of their Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training in 2015.
The exhibition at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory celebrates the outstanding work of students who have demonstrated skills in a wide range of mediums and subject areas. The work of these students provides us with an insight into the skills and interests of our young people, and represents the styles and topics that have captured their interest in the past year.


The exceptional quality of the work demonstrates the combined effort of students in collaboration with schools, families and the community, to develop the creative and visual thinking of each of the 35 students who have their work on display.

Congratulations to all students who have undertaken studies in the arts for their refreshing contribution to our understanding of their talent, their view of the world and their future potential. We wish them all well for the future.


Exit Art is a joint project between the MAGNT and the Northern Territory Department of Education. 

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