MAGNT staff are hard at work preparing content for display at the new Todd Street Mall Facility in Alice Springs which will display MAGNT’s collection of fossils from the Alcoota Scientific Reserve. One of the more intriguing projects has been the reconstruction of Baru, a crocodile found at Alcoota. Piecing together this impressive ancient croc has involved the intricate Plasticine moulding skills of Senior Curator of Earth Sciences, Adam Yates, the photographic prowess of Digital Imaging Officer, Merinda Campbell and Photogrammetry by Gondwana Studios. Photogrammetry will transform the photographs into a virtual model from which a 3D printed reproduction of Baru will be made for the display .

This video is the virtual model of Baru.

CREDIT: Photogrammetry by Gondwana Studios and MAGNT/Merinda Campbell