Congratulations to all the students who exhibited in this year's EX!T ART. The official opening was a wonderful evening of art, music, and many very proud parents an teachers.

As with every year there are a number of awards and commendations for students whose outstanding work really spoke to the selectors. The following list are the winning works:


Selected by the Honourable Eve Lawler, Minister for Education, the Ministers Choice Award went to Rebekka Kantjapi from The Essington School for their beautiful untitled portrait.

"Since I identify so strongly with my Indigenous heritage, I wanted this to be the main focus of my work. I found myself creating work that was rich with human emotion and symbolic of the emotion felt within relationships. I was heavily influenced by the mural works of ADNATE and the portraiture work of Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo’s work inspired the use of a deep background colour which is often found in her portraits. ADNATE’s work portrays a strong sense of Indigenous pride and a celebration of heritage, which I found translated into my own work as well."

Rebekka Kantjapi, THE ESSINGTON SCHOOL, Untitled, synthetic polymer paint and pencil on canvas


Awarded to Keiffer Clarke from the Centrailian Senior College for their layered, textural and textual digital print, How many cultures?

"Living in a multicultural society requires a high level of understanding and respect to those from other cultures. I wanted to develop a product that celebrates cultural diversity within our school and to remind students and staff of multicultural backgrounds of the whole school community. I did this by making artwork that represents the different cultural backgrounds of each student."

Keiffer Clarke, CENTRALIAN SENIOR COLLEGE, How many cultures? Digital print on vinyl


Awarded to Ayla Thorbjornsen from Taminmin College for their stunningly detailed graphite and watercolour work, Co-existence.

"My artwork explores the idea of our relationship with nature and learning to appreciate it more in our technology-fuelled lives.This is most strongly symbolised in the arteries that pierce through the subject’s neck and morph into branches and blossoms; a representation of the dependency that humans and nature have on one another in order to survive."

Ayla Thorbjornsen, TAMINMIN COLLEGE, Co-existence, graphite pencil, watercolour and white gel ink pen on paper


Commendations went to the following student for their outstanding work:

Lara Connor from Darwin High School for their surrealist, untitled painting.

"The room is suspended in the air with elements of earth and trees attached above and below. The sky is leaking into the room and, along with the mattress, is melting off the edge of the room. The girl is sliding off the edge into nothingness with a relaxed expression and no obvious effort to resist.The room represents stability and connection to reality, while the nothingness represents the fragility of the human mind and how easily it can slip away from reality.The subject is compliant with gradually fading away from reality."

Lara Connor, DARWIN HIGH SCHOOL, Untitled, synthetic polymer paint on canvas

Cassandra Savvas from Darwin High School for their detailed, tropical, architectural model, Waitui villa.

"Waitui villa was designed as part of a luxury Fijian resort. I was inspiredby traditional Fijian architecture and both tropical and contemporarydesign styles. Traditional Fijian architecture is defined by hipped roofsforming trapezium shapes, which I incorporated into the roof andfloorplan. I also utilised the tropical architectural ethos of seamlesslyconnecting indoor and outdoor spaces and environments."

Cassandra Savvas, DARWIN HIGH SCHOOL, Waitui villa, architectural model

Charlotte Docksey from Darwin High School for her confronting and considered painting, Noxious nature.

"Socio-political oppression can be imposed through various forms of power, especially bureaucratic and autocratic bodies. Oppression can be surreptitious and ingrained into community lifestyles,with many ignorant of their subjugation.This work explores both obvious and less conspicuous forms of oppression and its negative impact on individuals."

Charlotte Docksey, DARWIN HIGH SCHOOL, Noxious nature, oil paint on canvas