The Kimberley region in north-western Australia is world renowned for its rugged natural beauty, remoteness, waterfalls, and aboriginal culture.

It is home to a rich array of animals and plants, including a large number found nowhere else on Earth. The fish fauna is no exception, among which are species that are culturally important such as the iconic Barramundi, which is a prized recreational and commercial species.

The brightly coloured rainbowfishes of the region are prized by aquarists, and the diversity of unusual grunters with uniquely adapted feeding structures baffles evolutionary biologists.

Exciting discoveries of new fish species continue in the region, and this guide contains information on where the species occur, their evolutionary relationships, biology, conservation status, cultural values, and local language names.

A field guide to the freshwater fishes of the Kimberly, a 262 page volume, with a Foreword by Tim Winton, contains full colour illustrations and information on the fish fauna of the spectacular Kimberley.

The book includes exciting new species descriptions, distributional maps, cultural values, language names, ecology and conservation status of almost 100 species. It serves as an educational resource for schools, Ranger groups, community groups, recreational fishers, naturalists, tourists and governmental departments.

This field guide will help in the conservation of the unique aquatic biodiversity of the Kimberley for current and future generations.

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