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evolution: A DisRespective by Rob Brown


14 November  -
12 April 2015
ken waters gallery

This retrospective of the most disrespectful kind, presented 20 years of wicked and irreverent reflections by Darwin artist Rob Brown. His extraordinary imagination pushes the boundaries of culture, history and religion creating confronting and humorous but mindfully intelligent takes on the world around him.

Born in Sydney in 1967, Brown first moved to Darwin in 1998 to study visual arts at the then Northern Territory University. He brought with him the Territory's prerequisite larrikin brashness.


It is largely this spirit of rebellion and subversion that has resonated so strongly with Northern Territorians. The 165 works exhibited were on loan from 42 collections, 32 from private homes in the Northern Territory.


Brown's prolific and creative outpourings intrigued, shocked and delighted, just as the artist intended.



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