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Colin Jack-Hinton
Maritime Gallery

The Colin Jack-Hinton Maritime Gallery, refreshed in 2020, houses traditional boats and canoes from the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory’s Historic Boat and Ethnographic Watercraft Collection.

Encounter 23 traditional vessels originating from the shores of Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Cocos and Keeling Islands connecting to northern Australia. 

Collected over a 40-year period (c.1970–2010), each boat imparts a fascinating seafaring story intertwined with human culture from the surrounding seas.
The reinterpretation enables visitors to see the great diversity of form and function, from pearl luggers to outrigger canoes.

Offering a rare vignette of how maritime technology has evolved, the Gallery also shows how history and legacy has been shaped among our South East Asian and Pacific nations.

MAGNT Darwin

19 Conacher Street

The Gardens, Darwin

Open daily: 10am – 4pm

Closing 3pm Friday 11 August

+61 8 8999 8264


Closed New Year's Day, and Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day

* excludes touring exhibitions and

  ticketed public programs

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