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Reports and Plans

MAGNT is grateful to our funding bodies, sponsors, donors and volunteers, whose generosity ensures that we can continue to build and care for our collection and to inspire, engage and foster an understanding of the natural and cultural heritage of the Northern Territory and adjacent regions.
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Strategic Plan 2030
Annual Report_2122.png
2021–2022 Annual Report
2018–2019 Annual Report
BJ1017 MAGNT Annual Report 15_16_web-1.j
2015–2016 Annual Report
Annual Report 2020_2021.png
2020–2021 Annual Report
MAGNT Annual Report 2018 - RFSFinal_Page
2017–2018 Annual Report
2014-2015 MAGNT Annual Report_Page_001.j
2014–2015 Annual Report
Annual Report 2019 20.png
2019–2020 Annual Report
MAGNT_Annual Report 2016-2017-1.jpg
2016–2017 Annual Report
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