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Regional Museums Grants Program Resources

How to Apply


Applications for the Regional Museums Grants Program must be made through GrantsNT.


Caddie Brain
Regional Museums Officer


P (08) 8999 8204

You will be required to provide:

  • Contact Details

  • Project Title

  • Description of your organisation (maximum 2000 characters), governance structure and strategic priorities

  • Criteria 1: Description and significance of your collection (maximum 2000 characters)

  • Criteria 2: Description of project, strategic relevance and benefit to your organisation, cultural sector and/or NT community (maximum 4000 characters)

  • Criteria 3: Project Plan including timeline (maximum 4000 characters)

  • Criteria 4: Expertise and Key Personnel (maximum 4000 characters)

  • Risk identification and mitigation (maximum 2000 characters)


Required Support Material

  • Budget including income and expenditure to deliver your project. You must include budget support material for expenses (using grant funds) over $2,000 including any relevant quotations. 

  • Key Personnel Forms are required for all key participants. This grant cannot be used to support the salaries of staff from the Northern Territory Government departments or statutory bodies.

  • Letters or Emails of Support including written permissions where relevant from Aboriginal individuals, community or language groups, Land Councils or other appropriate community representatives.


We recommend speaking to the Regional Museums Officer prior to application.

Late applications will not be accepted.

Key Docs




Regional Museums Grants Program recipients must acknowledge the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) and Northern Territory Government in line with the Funding Agreement through inclusion of logos and/or the phrase:


Supported by the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and Northern Territory Government

This includes media releases, any publicity and promotional material for your funded activity.


Eligible organisations include regional museums, galleries and cultural centres in the Northern Territory who are:

  • Legally constituted, incorporated and/or not-for-profit

  • Committed to the preservation of cultural heritage by actively conserving, researching and interpreting collections for the NT community and their visitors

  • Unincorporated bodies may apply with an administering body



  • Development of best practice collection care policies and plans including collection management, significance assessments, disaster preparedness plans, conservation plans and/or interpretation plans

  • Professional development and/or training for staff and/or volunteers relating to museum practices, collection care and management, interpretation and/or exhibitions

  • Engagement of consultants or contractors with specialist skills and knowledge such as conservators or cultural leaders/experts

  • Collection management projects

  • Development, design and/or installation of exhibitions, interpretation and/or signage

  • Equipment, software and technology that is integral and appropriate to the project

  • Storage and conservation materials

  • Governance support such as strategic planning, policy and procedure development, business planning and/or training for staff, board members or volunteers

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