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Watch an extinct Baru crocodile sliding into the Todd River with the launch of MAGNT’s Megafauna Central Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

The Megafauna Central Indigital AR app brings eight-million year old Central Australian Megafauna fossils to life for a unique user experience.

The Megafauna Central Indigital AR app, developed by Indigital enables users to journey back in time to hang out with Plaisiodon, a large marsupial herbivore, or roam around Todd Street Mall with Dromaius arleyekweke, the dwarf emu.

Embark on this immersive experience across ten different Alice Springs sites:

1. Download the free Indigital AR app from Apple and Android stores.




2. Open the AR app and point your smartphone camera at the image below:




3. Point the AR app at each location sign to bring megafauna to life.


Megafauna Central 

21 Todd Street Mall,
Alice Springs NT 0871

Open Mon: 10am–4pm
Open Wed–Fri: 10am–4pm
Open Sat–Sun: 10am–2pm

+61 8 8951 1121

Closed Tuesdays and Good Friday Closed between Christmas Day and New Year's Day

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