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Since its inception durng the late 1960's, the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) has cultivated a 'north ward' gaze, give our geographic location in Northern Australia. Exploying regional links and histories, particulary in regard to our earest neighbours Indonesia and East Timore, has been a focus of our collecting, reserach and exhibtion programs. 


The heart and soul of MAGNT's Southeast Asian Art and Material Culture Collection is it's significant textile holdings. Following the generous donation of 498 textitles to MAGNT in 2000 by Mr Michael Abbott QC, the exhibition Speaking with Cloth: Cerita Dalam Kain (2005) was envisaged as a survey exhibition presenting key works from the collection.


This bilingual exhibition catalouge showcased the works curated by Dr James Bennett, Curator of Asian Art and Material Culture, MAGNT and documents a dialogue with Indonesian colleagues, including museum workers, master weavers, clan Elders and weaving co-operatives, sharing their contemporary attitudes to issues relating to their cultural material and heritage. 

Speaking With Cloth

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