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Episode 4

Surviving a cyclone

“Losing anything from a museum collection is sad … because it’s not just the museum who loses, it’s the people who live in that community.”

In 1974, when Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin, the museum building was flattened. Two blocks away, where some of the first artworks from the Papunya Desert Art movement hung, the roof blown off, rain streamed in and strong winds ripped the celebrated artworks from the walls. In this episode we find out how the artworks were rescued and what it takes to keep collections safe in the tropics.

In this episode hear from MAGNT’s Curator of Territory History, Jared Archibald, MAGNT conservator, Lisa Nolan, and Aboriginal artist Candy Nakamarra Nelson from Papunya.

More Information

Duration: 17 mins 57 secs

Broadcast: 20 August 2020


Produced by StoryProjects

Executive Producer: Johanna Bell

Production: Cinnamon Nippard and Lori Uden

Music Composition: James Mangohig

Mixing: Hamish Robertson

Thanks to Elliott Fleming at Papunya Tjupi Arts who translated the interview with Candy from Luritja and Emma Collard, the manager of Papunya Tjupi Arts. The voice of MAGNT's founding director Colin Jack Hinton, kindly shared with us by the Library and Archives NT, was from an oral history interview by Francis Good. Additional recordings thanks to Rod Louey-Gung, Ryan Louis, turchinoa, Keith Selmes.


The Collection was created by StoryProjects with funding from National Science Week NT.

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