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Episode 1 

How to stuff a giant croc

“Dad brought home a huge lump of the tail and we tried it and it was really tough … just like chewing on white rubber”

Meet Sweetheart, the Territory’s most infamous crocodile and find out how he ended up on the dinner table of a young taxidermist-to-be. Learn about the lengths his father went to to preserve the legendary giant reptile, and travel to a Top End billabong to learn about crocodile conservation.


In this episode hear from MAGNT’s Curator of Territory History Jared Archibald, crocodile specialist Adam Britton, and Northern Territory Outback Wrangler Matt Wright.

More Information

Duration: 17 mins 10 secs

Broadcast: 20 August 2020


Produced by StoryProjects

Executive Producer: Johanna Bell

Production: Cinnamon Nippard and Lori Uden

Music Composition: James Mangohig

Mixing: Hamish Robertson

Thanks to Adam Britton, Glaneur de Son, InspectorJ, Matt Wright, the Northern Territory Government, and Tourism NT, for sharing their recordings with us.


The Collection was created by StoryProjects with funding from National Science Week NT.

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