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Episode 3

Seven seasons and a very rare fish

“Balnba is the rainy season. Dalay is like the monsoon season, the season of the Cyclones. Mayilema is when it starts drying out. And between Dalay and Mayilema you have what we call the season of the knock 'em down … that’s when the last final rain comes - a big, powerful storm - and it knocks over all the spear grass.”

In this episode of The Collection we explore the Larrakia calendar, learn how two-way knowledge sharing can mutually assist both Aboriginal people and collecting institutions, and follow the search for a rare rainbow fish.

Hear from MAGNT’s Senior Curator of Natural Sciences Gavin Dally, and Larrakia elder and ethno-botanist Lorraine Williams.

More Information

Duration: 17 mins 10 secs

Broadcast: 20 August 2020


Produced by StoryProjects

Executive Producer: Johanna Bell

Production: Cinnamon Nippard and Lori Uden

Music Composition: James Mangohig

Mixing: Hamish Robertson


The Collection was created by StoryProjects with funding from National Science Week NT.

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