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Episode 5

Worm of death

“It looks like an alien... like a deep sea creature. But in real fact, it's actually living a few hundred metres out the front of most people's doorsteps in Darwin.”

Is it a fish? Is it an alien? Is it a worm of death? In this episode, you’ll find out what lurks in the intertidal zone just off Darwin and how an accidental hook up by a local angler uncovered a strange new creature. We’ll take you into the wet stores with a fish expert and you’ll find out what it takes to identify a new species.

In this episode hear from MAGNT’s Curator of Fishes, Dr Michael Hammer, and keen angler and aquatic Ecologist, Nathan Litjens.

More Information

Duration: 14 mins 53 secs

Broadcast: 20 August 2020


Produced by StoryProjects

Executive Producer: Johanna Bell

Production: Cinnamon Nippard and Lori Uden

Music Composition: James Mangohig

Mixing: Hamish Robertson


The Collection was created by StoryProjects with funding from National Science Week NT.

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